The Sunpulse brand is synonymous with quality.

The Sunpulse brand is synonymous with quality.

Sunpulse only designs PV projects that adhere to our philosophy of minimalism with elegant use of materials in design and engineering endeavors. Energy not only encompasses electricity, we strive to enhance the whole system design by solving the base problems first, then we consider photovoltaic design.


The Sunpulse brand is also associated with R&D. Only through constant improvement, development and standardisation can we continue to expand the use of solar PV electricity and renewable energy.


We strive to understand local influences, practices and technologies. Only then, can we develop the highest quality PV projects globally and build a sustainable base for modern and advanced societies.

Message from CEO

Message from CEO

We believe that we will help create a society powered completely by a mix of renewable energy by 2030. The Engineering of solar power plants, monitoring systems and irradiance resource planning are a big part of understanding the solar resource and walking along the road to renewable energy independence. 


For solar photovoltaic plants, the Owner's Engineering due-diligence business has many twists and turns along the road like any business out there. For example this could be finding the specific standard required for each particular case or understanding the necessary requirements of each stakeholder throughout the design and engineering process.  Inevitably being able to listen to people from their own point of view is very important to us.  We always endeavour to analyse the root cause of the problem at hand, and then iterate in order to solve the problem at hand.


On top of this, we are building solar plants that will last and produce clean energy for 20+ years. This means that for most plants, within 3 years of them actually starting operations, they are "net positive" energy producers. What does "net positive" mean? It means that the energy that is produced by the solar plant is greater than the input energy required to manufacture the silicon, the aluminium, the concrete and all of the other peripheral components and processes to build the plant. One way that it is referred to in industry is Energy Return on Investment (EROI). A positive EROI is one big reason why we are doing this. We must remember this point. It brings us back to our mission of renewable energy independence. Everyone needs energy, and we need to make sure we are using energy that is new and renewable to the global system.


The path to renewable energy independence is not an easy walk, so we have to view the energy as flows as in an open system. A collaborative and evolutionary process. We see that humans as a civilisation have been eating away at stored energy that is in the ground now for far too long. If we are to survive, we have to adapt. We have to morph to these constantly changing energy flows around us. A warming atmosphere is just one of these problems that we have to adapt to in this system. On top of that new inputs into the open system create value for human society.


Photovoltaics are one of those key technologies that, used with a basket of complimentary renewable energy technologies like wind, hydro, advanced batteries, solar thermal, and biomass, and innovative monitoring technologies, software layers and financial instruments can have a positive impact on the way humans evolve into a collaborative process with nature. Energy, being a base infrastructure of society, is a pillar for further innovation that can develop and reinvigorate lives and economies.


Sunpulse aims to reduce complexity, reduce confusion and build the base of a modern technologically advanced civilisation that is a sub-group of nature. Technology is a human invention, is has always helped us, and, will only continue to help us achieve this goal.


This leads to what we do, Sunpulse® is a design and consulting firm that focuses purely on photovoltaics. We are leading due-diligence and solar resource analysis specialists for Japan with a proven track record of advising on over 60 billion yen of solar investment. We are very much aware of the micro-climatic complexity of the solar resource and how it can affect your important investment decisions. Sunpulse works within global frameworks with local visions so, hopefully, through some of our work, this can lay a foundation for more of humanity to prosper powered by renewable energy.


Sunpulse aims to further expand our due-diligence services into new areas where solar is needed by utilising new and key technologies in transformative ways to complete our mission to bring renewable energy to all aspects of society. We won't stop walking this path until it is complete. So why not join us in our mission? Also contact us if you are interested in some of our new and collaborative R&D projects


 Luke Johnson

Co-Founder and CEO, Sunpulse