Report Status

Please see if the Sunpulse report that you have is valid or not with the list below. The following reports have been issued, and, their anonymous public key hashes are listed here. If you are unsure or need to search your hash, please do so by pasting it in the search bar here at the SolarCoin blockchain explorer here:

Please note, no information about the reports is shown in this system and any existing non-disclosure agreements between you and Sunpulse are all still valid. 


Report No. Sunpulse Public Key Hash Status












The following status are shown

Valid: This means that the hash in the blockchain with the Sunpulse private key is valid, no action needed.


Revoked: This means that the hash in the blockchain with the Sunpulse private key has been revoked by Sunpulse. Public keys are no longer valid.

Please contact the issuer of your Sunpulse report if you are a holder, reviewer of the Sunpulse report. There may be known errors that need to be fixed in the report that Sunpulse will correct and then reissue a report with a new valid hash. In another case, your issuer hasn’t paid their invoices to Sunpulse lending doubt to you as a holder of the report on the status of your issuers ability to conduct professional solar business.


Pending confirmation (PC): Some action is needed by the issuer of the Sunpulse report. Further reviews occur every two weeks by Sunpulse on Monday’s.

Sunpulse's report tracking system

Sunpulse uses cutting edge and world leading report tracking technology to protect your reports anonymity, security, and live status by anchoring into the SolarCoin blockchain.


Why does a Sunpulse list anonymous public key hashes?

  • Changes and the current of reports that have been previously issued can be tracked reliably here on and anchored in the SolarCoin blockchain.
  • The blockchain is an immutable record of data that cannot be spoofed, used by non-trusted parties that do not hold the public-private key pair that Sunpulse holds. Sunpulse signs our reports with our known public key(s) but holds our private key securely and offline. This means that any Sunpulse report that has a stated public key hash can be independently verified by a third party, and, by Sunpulse with 100% certainty. This is one of the key benefits of the blockchain innovation that is currently supporting over $90 billion USD of unhackable money floating on the internet for over 10 years.
  • Some reports need to be retroactively marked invalid or revoked by Sunpulse due to changes in the reports if either a Sunpulse review engineer finds incorrect data in our own report and needs to update our report. Or in a separate case, a Sunpulse customer has not settled their outstanding  invoice and we will then revoke a public key hash of a report.