Asset Management for Solar PV Plants.

Good asset management of the technical, contractual, administrative and financial aspects leads to better financial and operating results. 

We are a partner of REM Japan, the group of financial & solar specialists to provide the Asset Management solution.


Our services are aimed at giving peace of mind to our clients who do not need to get involved in a lot of the technical and administrative details. Localization of partners is a key aspect to managing the activities surrounding the operations of a solar plant. With the key licenses that are provided by our partners we can handle all of the aspects to make sure that the owners asset is performing close to the optimum energy yield configuration.


  • Proactive interaction with and management of EPC and O&M companies.
  • Management of other vendors, including (when necessary) replacement of vendors.
  • Recommendation and selection of suitable additional service providers.
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting to investors and lenders.
  • Technical monitoring —real-time tracking of KPIs.
  • Periodic site inspections.
  • Quarterly asset valuations.
  • Quarterly Japan solar market overview.
  • Administrative financial support (payments, etc.).
  • Coordination with tax advisory and ensuring payment.
  • Management of insurance contracts and dealing with claims.
  • Correspondence with security provider.
  • Dealing with utility company and regulators as necessary.

Project and Asset Management Alliance

Sunpulse has formed an alliance with Renewable Energy Management Japan (REM). REM provides the expertise and high quality asset and project management services in Japan with our multidisciplinary team. The REM team has over 40 years of project finance, asset management, property investment, government negotiation and solar engineering experience in the team. REM takes proactive steps in order to manage your solar assets in Japan.