Monitoring System


We strive to reduce complexity for EPC's, asset management and plant owners. Our cloud based monitoring system is one of the highest quality and easiest to use in the marketplace. 

Features (WCC200 and WCC Lite)

  • Analytics layer that uses solar module technology databases and algorithms to detect faults.
  • SCADA based Monitoring. Additional options.
  • Cloud Based Logins.
  • User profiles (Investor, owner, operator, customer).
  • Users can directly program alarms that are pushed to email.
  • Customizable Performance Ratios according to user profile and O&M contract.
  • 128 bit encryption – as secure as a bank login.
  • Customizible widgets that can be easily graphically programmed.
  • Download to .csv. 


  • Monitoring the energy output and meteorological data of a PV Plant lets you understand the daily energy production and performance according to pre-defined goals. 
  • Monitoring combined with quick and effective maintenance has been proven to increase investment yield.

Simple & Easy

  • Plug & Play approach lets you connect everything without configuration and problems.
  • No additional software required.
  • All popular communication protocols used.
  • Daily and monthly reports can be downloaded in 6 languages.

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