Secure Element Datalogging For Renewable Energy Generation

Sunpulse has developed the Securedatalog login platform.

The platform connects a secure IoT device onto the generation output of a solar inverter, or data aggregation server & this periodically signs data to a smart contract. It is easy to plugin and setup.


A government has procured a white label version of the Securedatalog platform for their own data use case(s) for trading renewable energy certificates (REC's) inside their own energy market. 

What is it?

It is a combination of a small IoT device and the server login platform. 


Securedatalog provides transparency about where and how your source is generated from by tracking it on an open blockchain. 


It works with open-blockchains supporting ERC-20 equivalent standards like Ethereum, we can also accomodate integrating it to other blockchains if necessary. 


Use-case Availability Blockchain
 Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Generation Oracle Yes Ethereum 
Third Party Audit Oracle Late 2020 SolarCoin, Ethereum

Is it easy to install?

Yes, just buy the datalogger from us, we will send you the device and then set it up in a few minutes, synchronise and then login to the platform. It is basically plug and play.

The datalogger is simple and cheap to run as you just charge your account periodically.


Hardware Unit Cost/Unit +Tax and Delivery No. /Solar or Wind Plant
  $199  1
  Light (1 Datalogger) Medium (1-10 Dataloggers) Heavy (10+ Dataloggers)
Message Cap 1000 Msgs /day  10,000 Msgs /day  100,000 Msgs Day
Server Management Included Included Our side, but white label possible.
Price Free $ASK US $ASK US