Secure Element Datalogging For Renewable Energy Generation

Over the course of extensive R&D from late 2013 until 2019, Sunpulse has participated in a number of datalogger and secure element projects with various stakeholders. Our test dataloggers and platform have been spotted all over Japan quietly generating and signing secure solar energy generation data.


This led us to develop the Securedatalog platform.


A government entity has procured a white label differentiated version of this platform for their own data use case with a specific smart contract case.



  • Provision of the Securedatalog Platform for users to leverage trusted IoT hardware in order to provide a strong guarantee that the data flowing from a solar power plant, wind power plant or other IoT sensors originates from a trustworthy source.
  • This can be cryptographically verified by independent third-parties.
  • It provides transparency to your data calculation methodology for other downstream use cases in the Solar Deconomy.