PV Rescue Team for Operational Solar Plants

There are almost 3500 solar plants in Japan that were constructed from 2012-2016 under various conditions. Sunpulse estimates that about 30-60% will have some type of undocumented technical problem due to poor design, construction quality & planning. We have already began consulting on some of these plants.

check up

1. Check-up

If you are concerned about possible future problems of your solar plant, please start with check-up. We visit the site and make the check list and provide independent advice.

  • Site inspection.
  • Independent definition of the possible problem(s).
  • Composition of check lists.
  • Drone inspection if necessary.

2. Implementation

If your plant needs to be fixed, we can take action. We work with our solar engineering team and a civil engineering partner firm accordingly to fix the problems.

  • Independent problem solution.
  • Plan & schedule to implement solution.
  • Re-design / layouts.
  • Civil works & analysis.
  • Solar analysis.
  • Project management.

3. Maintenance

Sunpulse works with deep standing O&M provider relationships and we can recommend new solutions for your maintenance needs.

  • Active.
  • Preventative.
  • Recommendations according to JIS and international standards to prevent further future problem(s) occurring.