Secure Element Datalogging For Renewable Energy Generation

Building collectable tokens* directly from a solar power plants data feed.

  • A combination of a small IoT device and the server login platform. 
  • Securedatalog* provides transparency about where and how your source is generated from by tracking it on an open blockchain. 
  • Works with open-blockchains supporting ERC-721 equivalent standards like Ethereum. We can also accommodate integrating it to other blockchains if necessary. 
  • You can choose 5 min, 10 min or 1 hour intervals. Usually 1 datalogger is required for one solar power plant of about 2MWp DC. 
  • It works on the local area network with your solar inverter.
  • Currently only SMA inverters are supported but $ASK US to integrate your inverters time series data.

*Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)  are collectible tokens that exist on the Ethereum blockchain that show that the energy that went into minting them is actually your solar energy exactly. These tokens are also unique and have properties that are inherent to your solar plants fingerprint. You can keep these and later reclaim them in a renewable energy certification program of your choice. You will need to register there at that specific program separately. The user is responsible for their own Ethereum private keys and any associated gas costs when interacting with the smart contract.

*Sunpulse has developed the Securedatalog login platform. The platform connects a secure IoT device onto the generation output of a solar inverter, or data aggregation server & this periodically signs data to a smart contract. It is easy to plugin and setup.


  Light (1 Datalogger) Medium (1-10 Dataloggers) Heavy (10+ Dataloggers)
Message Cap 1000 Msgs /day  10,000 Msgs /day  100,000 Msgs Day
Server Management Included Included Our side, but white label is possible, so $ASK US.
Price Cost of a Unit + Free plan $ASK US $ASK US

How to Order


Order your logger here at Sunpulse via the webform below (any type of datalogger) OR you can buy it now (only for 1 Light datalogger).

A confirmation email will be sent to you with instructions to setup your account.



A logger will be shipped to your address.


Follow the instructions to connect it to the internet and your solar power plants data source.


Log away and produce your tokens.*

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