uav solutions

UAV Solution

We have surveyed over 500MW of plants throughout Japan. Photos, videos, IR & 3D point cloud.

yield analysis

Yield Analysis

Our published technology is deemed to be of the highest quality that they have found in the world.

Solar Plant Design

Solar Plant Design

Latest 3D Ad-in Software for AUTOCAD CIVIL3D, Optimisable, and streamlined.


Secure Element Datalogging For Renewable Energy Generation

  • Building collectable tokens directly from a solar power plants data feed.
  • A combination of a small IoT device and the server login platform. 
  • Securedatalog provides transparency about where and how your source is generated from by tracking it on an open blockchain. 
  • Works with open-blockchains supporting ERC-721 equivalent standards like Ethereum. We can also accommodate integrating it to other blockchains if necessary.