Red Flag Report

Improve the visibility of the solar sites.

The red-flag analysis report improves the visibility of the solar sites as developers, buyers and investors required fast, accurate and streamlined information about the potential solar site of interest.

This helps to reduce investment risks on potential projects and allow potential developers and investors make decisions smoothly.


Sunpulse has developed the three main products: 

  1. Basic Desktop RFA Report: Recommended for the first stage screening with a desktop process.
  2. Special Site Visit RFA Report: Recommended after some more in-depth data has already been gathered about the potential asset.

Basic Desktop 

Special Site Visit

GIS Land Area Slope Analysis.
Solar Shading Access Analysis using various solar shading tools.
Sun Height and Position
Definition of array zones.
Boundaries check
Layout assumptions: Basic overview
Connection Pole Distance
Basic Yield Calculation
A site visit and interview with the current owner or operator.  ×
Check of site metrics to confirm desktop variables. ×
Yield Calculation: PVSYST ×