A Birds-eye View of the Solar Asset.

We have surveyed over 500MW of plants  throughout Japan using our drones for developers, investors and owners.

Sunpulse drone service for finished plants

Finished Plants

You can use HD photos or videos of existing solar plants for O&M, reviews, reporting or promotion. We can also edit and make promotional videos to present your plant.

Sunpulse drone service for IR camera

IR Camera

FLIR drone surveys of existing solar plants. We are one of the first consulting firms to use IR photography on solar plants and we are continuing to develop this process for even more detailed analysis. Read more

Sunpulse drone service for pre-development

Pre-development & Mapping

We have combined the high-resolution imagery with our irradiance and yield analysis technology. Also we can produce a 3D Point cloud and Mesh Analysis with drone flyovers for up to 2MWp projects.

Sunpulse drone service for construction progress

Construction Progress Monitoring

CPM can be conducted on sites that have broken ground and started construction. We can take photos throughout your construction process to check progress.

What you get

  • High-resolution photos & HD video.
  • Point clouds, DXF, DWG, shapefile, elevation, GeoTiff, xyz (Pointfiles).
  • We can build a highly accurate topographical model for your basemap.
  • Visible light of existing sites.
  • The best quality 2D maps and 3D models.
  • Point clouds and volumetric calculations of the land.
  • Edited promotional videos.
  • Construction Progress Monitoring (CPM).
  • FLIR drone surveys of existing solar plants.
  • We have combined the high-resolution imagery with our irradiance and yield analysis technology.

New 3D Modeling

Sunpulse is one of the first companies to combine near field 3D modeling that is solidified from drone captured data with far-horizon 3D models.

These are of the surrounding mountains and terrains to produce the most accurate shading analysis available in the solar design and modeling industry.

Infra-Red Thermal Imaging

We have engineered and stress tested a practical IR drone solution that is easily flexible. We will fly our specialized FLIR camera enabled UAV over the operational solar plant anywhere in Japan.

  • Simultaneous stabilized Infra-red, and, visual photography of the solar plant with the highest resolution cameras on the market.
  • We have developed a specialized operator system that can track the location of hotspots quickly and efficiently that uses wireless communication and live video feeds for multiple operators.
  • Post-process flight reporting of potential hot-spot affected solar panels. This saves the O&M company time and money, reduces under-performance risks and revenue losses of the solar plant for the owner.
  • A single 3-axis gimbal with 4K video/12 Megapixel visual photography and IR with 640x480 pixel resolution photo/video is used.  Mix-mode is also used with real time IR photos included on top of a high resolution visual photo.

Hotspots caused by micro-cracks, shadow of the trees and poles or other phenomenon. The temperature anomaly is higher compared to the surrounding cells.  If left untreated, hotspots have been shown to cause breakdown of the PV backsheet and laminates, and eventually ground faults, and fires in the PV arrays.



We evaluate flight risks to the asset carefully using our standardized flight risk methodology.

  • We have carefully designed the GPS system to reduce flight risks. 
  • Our employees with Drone experience only fly GPS anchored and pre-defined routes for exact positioning of the photographs. This means a lower chance of the UAV becoming lost or crashing.
  • In some cases due to the GPS interference from large metal objects, we do not fly the UAV.
  • Our engineers discuss all proposed flight routes with the clients.
  • We adhere closely to the rules of MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).