Energy Yield Analysis

  • 3D PVSYST based on GSI Maps digital elevation model.
  • Over 1400 plants modeled in Japan and the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Over 300MW of reports financed with major companies and investment consortium's in Japan.
  • A customer return rate and satisfaction of over 97%
  • Our published technology is deemed to be of the highest quality that they have found in the world.
  • We are actively validating our Energy Prediction Review (EPR) with respect to operational plants in Japan on over 100MW of plants.
  • Our EPR and due-diligence service was accepted for over 70MW of Solar Plants requiring bank finance in Japan.
  • Our yield report is the choice of some of the largest developers and long-term owners of PV plants. 
  • Snow Model with experience actual data track record.

Sunpuse price


We are able to make the yield reports at reasonable cost because of our efficient work, setup and our focus on customer needs and experience first.

Sunpulse quality


A data focused method and streamlined cross-checking process. We have published papers at international conferences regarding solar irradiance datasets for Japan.

Sunpulse speed


With a dedicated team of experienced solar engineers, we can focus on data and performance and respond to your feedback quickly and efficiently.

What you get

  • Sub-hourly/hourly/monthly forecasting of output energy yield.
  • Our own drone based data captures inputs.
  • Any manufacturer of any component can be input.
  • Snow modeling and impacts on energy yield.
  • Micro-climatic fluctuations and uncertainties.
  • Financial modeling.
  • 2D maps and 3D models.
  • Specialization in PVSYST shading scene 3D land models.

Our Technology

  • MTSAT, JMA, Meteonorm 8+, 3Tier, NEDO, METPV-11.
  • Software frameworks as our turn-key modeling.
  • Feedback from our ongoing site monitoring in Japan into our energy yield calculations.
  • Feedback from historical data sets for over 120 PV plants throughout the whole of Japan.
  • Based on PVSYST7.4
  • Our technology is published in research conferences. 
  • New spectral adjustment calculation technology that adds on top of the PVSYST layer and has been approved by independent technical auditors.

For Japan

  • Japan is comprised of over 70% mountainous terrain. This leaves the little space for clusters of solar plants on undulating and mountainous terrain. Sunpulse has developed 3D-terrain and digital elevation model technology to address the problem of sloped terrains. In many cases, modules of differing azimuth and placed onto varied terrain to optimize space. In yield reporting technology, special methodologies are required to accurately predict the yield output of a solar plant.
  • Due to the geographic nature of the island archipelago of Japan, microclimates exist. This means that one side of a mountain has a different snow profile and/or climate compared to the other side of a mountain. Sunpulse has developed an advanced snow model to predict snowfall in many microclimates. Also Sunpulse has developed advanced irradiance pre-screening technology to predict solar irradiance referencing multiple datasets.

The framework is based on the JIS C 8907:2005 Japanese industrial standard for energy yield analysis and also has the additional input of multiple irradiance data sources to strengthen correlation. Final specific yield assessment is based on the Meteonorm 8 dataset.