Energy Aggregator Capability Report

There is a growing need to understand the scope and capabilities of the energy aggregators in the Japanese electricity market. This is due to the explosive growth in battery energy storage systems (BESS) and other energy management solutions. We provide an in-depth report on major energy aggregators in the Japanese electricity market, focusing on:


  • Quantifiable track record of the aggregator
  • Overview of aggregators' strengths and weaknesses
  • Regional variations in aggregator operations
  • Technical background and unique technologies leveraged by the aggregator


One key aspect of this market is the evaluation of power generation forecasting technology, battery control technology, and market trading strategies. These technologies are crucial for aggregators to optimize their operations, potentially allowing them to buy energy at lower prices and sell at higher prices to maximize profits.


Sunpulse leverages our Rotormaps energy mapping platform in order to provide the in-depth report.


Report length: 40-60 pages