Sunpulse Experience and Specialties

Experience and Specialties

Sunpulse K.K. was established in 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. We have consulted on over 1400 projects in Japan and over $13.8 billion US dollars of Solar PV investment. Some of our largest projects that we have been instrumental in are above 4.8GW in size. We are already well-known industry leaders invited to speak at international photovoltaic research conferences, industry educational seminars, and international industrial conferences. 


Specialties: Module design, EPC design and optimisation, irradiance analysis and yield forecasting, project due-diligence, construction progress management and procurement, and NFT from IOT dataloggers on public blockchains.


Software Expertise: Design (Autocad civil 3D 2021, Helioscope), GIS (QGIS and python 3 frameworks, GRASS), Meteorological (Meteonorm 8, NEDO Monsola-20), Simulations (Pvsyst, Helioscope), Tools (Custom tools for GIS and GSI Maps). 


Customers: Individual investors, banks, hedge funds, governments, test laboratories and manufacturers.


We can provide a comprehensive technical due-diligence as we are specialised deeply in each technical strand. We also try to introduce and use the latest technologies when designing and building solar plants. We are pushing the frontiers of solar irradiance analysis by publishing our research. Sunpulse exists in, and, creates the void whereby we are in constant contact with the leading edge of the global solar industry.

Research is a cornerstone of the Sunpulse strategy. Our previous research focused on solar cell characterization, solar module performance and measurement and long-term testing methods for module reliability with multiple papers published.

Site Visits

Site visits are a specialty of Sunpulse. We have been requested multiple times to re-check sites that we originally visited up to 8-years ago. There is one aspect is very consistent throughout all of these above cases. That is we have always given the best report to our clients about the site with the best tools and data available on the market.


Site visit type of work includes: Green Field, Green Field Drone, Brown Field Drone, Brown Field, O&M, Commissioning Third Party, Troubleshooting, Solar Survey. We have visited over 500 sites throughout Japan.

Client Feedback and Testimonials

Client Feedback and Testimonials

Sunpulse is happy to always improve our processes and technology, we love feedback. This is a few excerpts regarding what some of our clients have written about us so far:


"Aside from being a uniquely qualified technical leader in the Japanese market, Sunpulse take their role as an independent consultant very seriously. I highly recommend Sunpulse's services to anyone on the basis of their technical knowledge, ability to grow and react to the marketplace, and their superb professionalism."- Professional Long-term Project holder, Owner and Developer.


"It was a pleasure to work with these teams. They were warm and friendly, always polite, punctual and reliable. They were organized, careful and dedicated, working well with [us] under supervision, within a team, and as independent agents."- Professional Owner and Developer.

Client Feedback and Testimonials


With a deep understanding of the inner workings of Japan's energy sector and the ability to bridge cultural, language, and other barriers, Shulman Advisory helps its clients thrive in the Japanese energy market. The company provides custom consulting services ranging from market studies and analyses to local business development and project implementation, as well as a variety of reports tracking key data and developments in the market.

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Sunpulse® are leading due-diligence specialists for photovoltaic resource analysis in Japan and we continually support the following frameworks, among others, with irradiance and weather subscriptions for; MeteonormDatabases and frameworks for: METPV-20MONSOLA-20NREL SAMABMNASA SSEMTSAT.