PV Rescue Team for Operational Solar Plants

There are at least 460,000+ solar plants in Japan that were constructed from 2012-2023 above 50kWp DC in size. Sunpulse estimates that about 30-80% will have some type of undocumented technical problem due to poor design, construction quality & planning. We have already began consulting on some of these plants. As technical specialists it is our responsibility to improve the long term reliability of these solar plants that are in operation.

1. Check-up

If you are concerned about possible future problems of your solar plant, please start with check-up. We visit the site and make the check list and provide independent advice.

  • Data portal login checkup and analysis.
  • Site inspection.
  • Independent definition of the possible problem(s).
  • Composition of check lists.
  • Thermal Drone inspection if necessary.

2. Implementation

If your plant needs to be fixed, we can take action. We work with our solar engineering team and a civil engineering partner firm accordingly to fix the problems.

  • Plan & schedule to implement solution.
  • Solar analysis.
  • Re-design / layouts.
  • String checks, re-designs.
  • Civil analysis.
  • Project management.

3. Maintenance

Sunpulse works with deep standing O&M provider relationships and we can recommend new solutions for your maintenance needs.

  • Active.
  • Preventative.
  • Recommendations according to JIS and international standards to prevent further future problem(s) occurring.